Bidding to Host the Olympics

Bidding to Host the Olympics


Task: Write a report of 2000 words answering the 2-part question in the box below. blank Question: 

The government is bidding to host the Olympics. You have been asked to analyse the various impacts of hosting such an event.

Use this analysis to recommend ways of maximising the benefits and minimising the challenges of hosting the Olympics. (100 marks)

  • You should analyse the impact from a variety of perspectives, however, your report should cover a MAIN PERSPECTIVE relating to your degree. This part of your analysis should be the longest (approximately 600 words).

 For students studying a degree related to Health and Social Care the main perspective should be The Health Impacts.

These might include:  

  • the legacy of sports facilities
  • issues relating to health and safety
  • issues relating to potential public health risks

 For students studying a degree related to Business the main perspective should be The Economic Impacts.

These might include:

  • job creation
  • costs to the tax payer
  • future trade

For students studying a degree related to Tourism and Events Management the main perspective should be: The Impacts on the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Industries. blankThese might include:

  • short-term effects on the hospitality sector
  • logistical challenges of hosting the event
  • longer term influences on the country as a tourism destination

  You will also need to analyse two other perspectives (approximately 300 words on each). These perspectives are:

 The impacts from an environmental perspective.

These might include:

  • carbon footprint and pollution
  • sustainability (e.g. long-term improvements; environmental awareness; technological innovation)

The impacts from a social perspective.

These might include:

  • intangible benefits (e.g. social cohesion; morale; entertainment)  regeneration opportunities

Your report should follow the structure and suggested word counts below:  Cover Page

  • Title of the report
  • Title of the module
  • Student Number (1xxxxxx)
  • Date of submission
  • Word count

Executive Summary (Not included in the word count)

  • Summary of each section of the report

Contents Page

  • Main section headings with page numbers Introduction (Suggested: 300 words)
  • Definition of Global Event
  • A discussion (with examples) of the main issues – both positive and negative – involved for countries considering a bid
  • A sentence summarising the main aims of the report Analysis (Suggested: 1250 words, 3 perspectives)
  • Short introductory paragraph including a statement with the aim of the report and a map sentence.
  • Identification of the 3 distinct perspectives. These perspectives should be the sub-sections of the analysis and the topics of the main body paragraphs.
  • Each body paragraph should include a topic sentence which links it to the question.
  • In order to analyse each perspective, research from relevant sources should be used to support the impacts of hosting the Olympics.
  • NOTE: The part of your analysis covering your main perspective should be more comprehensive than the other points you consider. It is suggested that this should make up at least half of the analysis section (i.e. 600 words).

Conclusion (Suggested: 150 words)

  • Summary of the Analysis section

Recommendations (Suggested: 300 words)

  • Introductory statement
  • Three recommendations that are related to the perspectives considered in the Analysis section.
  • Each recommendation must suggest how the organisers can either maximise the benefits or minimise the challenges of hosting the Olympics as identified in your analysis.
  • These recommendations should be presented as bullet-points and be supported by research.

blankReference List (Not included in word count)

  • This should follow the conventions of Harvard referencing.

Appendices (Not included in word count)

  • Any figures, tables, or diagrams etc. can be included here.
  • There is no expectation for students to complete an appendices section.

 Allocation of Marks 

  • Task fulfilment including: addressing the task, relevancy, and level of analysis (40%)
  • Structure including: report structure, paragraph structure and cohesion (20%)
  • Use of sources including: range, quality, paraphrasing/ summarising and referencing (20%)
  • Language including: range, accuracy and style (20%)


  • Knowledge and understanding of relevant research relating to issues related to the assignment topic as well as analysing and understanding the implications of these issues.
  • Ability to independently manage learning resources, demonstrate command of Harvard referencing, structure a report according to academic conventions and express ideas accurately while maintaining academic style.
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