BIAE2002 New Product Development

BIAE2002 New Product Development

Assessment 3 

 Portfolio Scenario:

 You have been hired by “Goodle” (a fictitious company) for your creativity and innovative capabilities.  Goodle is a high-tech company that provides services for education providers to support student learning.  Their current system allows students to access their course learning resources and has an inbuilt browser capability.  Goodle has a great deal of faith that you will bring some fresh ideas into the company. As the New Product Development team leader, you have been given complete freedom to spend time developing your own ideas for the company. Instructions:

  • Answer the following 3 activities with reference to the textbook, lecture notes AND to wider research/readings.
  • Note: you will not be graded on the extent of innovativeness/creativity of your idea. The important thing is that you are able to demonstrate an understanding of some of the phases of the New Product Process.
  • Responses must be appropriately cited in text and a reference list provided using the Harvard reference format for any external references.
  • Open this document and file ‘save as’ with the file name being your student name and number e.g. King, K_200100_BIAE2002_A2.
  • Upload your submission into Moodle in Word Document format.
  • Word count guide is a total of 3,000 words (for all 3 questions combined) but marks allocation should also be taken into account when answering the questions and considering word count.

Activity 1 – Opportunity identification and selection

1. Your first project is to identify a new product / service for the company and prepare a product innovation charter (PIC). Your response should clearly highlight all four (4) components of the PIC.  The PIC should also identify any emerging societal trends that this product is addressing (excluding the current COVID-19).  (10 marks)

Note: you may like to review some of the journal articles that have been posted for additional readings to help you to develop ideas.

2. Next you will need to describe the product concept ensuring all three (3) factors have been described. (6 marks)

3. Reflect on the first two steps by describing any barriers to creativity that you have experienced (4 marks)

Activity 2 – Perceptual mapping & Concept evaluation

1. Explain the three (3) attributes of the product/service (6 marks) 2. Develop a determinant gap map (4 marks).Activity 3 – Product use testing / launch planning

 You have been instructed that your product idea needs to jump ahead into testing phase

1. Describe the importance of the testing phase (5 marks)

2. Describe suitable user group (or groups) to test your product? (5 marks)

3. Describe the type of product use test (or tests) that would be suitable to test your product (5 marks)

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