BENV7811 Urban Renewal 2020 Report

BENV7811 Urban Renewal 2020 Report

Assignment 3: Short essays

Please provide brief responses to two of the following questions

Every answer should:

  • Be less than 600 words in length (net of references)
  • Include reference to published academic/policy literature (listed in bibliography at end)
  • Ideally, make a link to a relevant lecture presentation or presentations

1. In the context of Australia’s major cities, what are the main instruments used or advocated to give effect to the ‘urban containment’ (or ‘compact city’) philosophy? How effective are they in achieving this objective?

2. Why is government-initiated or assisted urban renewal necessary in our major cities? How can it be justified in terms of response to ‘market failure’?

3. Why is density such a contentious issue in the renewal context?

4. What is meant by ‘silo government’, and why is this problematic for urban renewal?5. Briefly explain and exemplify in the Sydney context the statement that: ‘While metropolitan strategies set out the vision for a city’s future development, it is often in infrastructure plans and funding allocations that the tough decisions get made on how to translate this vision into practice’ (Bunker, 2015)

In 5-600 words, these questions cannot be comprehensively investigated.  They require your critical thinking rather than deep research.  However, some reference must be made to academic and/or policy literature encountered during the course.

Please submit your responses via Turnitin, using the two slots provided (Part 1 and Part 2). Each essay should be a separate document containing its own listing of relevant references.

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