Benefits of Live Animal Exportation in Australia

Benefits of Live Animal Exportation in Australia

Live animal export is a sub-sector of the agriculture sector. It is common in the regional areas in Australia where farmers export their livestock. Meat customers prefer to slaughter the animal. That preference contributed to the rise of the business. This report discusses significance, limitations and strategies set towards the sector. Alternatively, the report discusses the federal government efforts of improving this business. The report finds that government has been playing a critical role to ensure that Australian traders fully benefits from this business. However, the report notes that the business is regionally concentrated and thus government should help in opening up global markets to increase the global market share for the live animal: A PREVIEW- ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


Live animal exporting refers to the process of moving animals; (domestic) such as sheep, cattle and goats from a country to another (Di Nardo, et al. 2011, p.63.)The animals are transported for various functions for example, for breeding and to be slaughtered.  Others purchase the animals to graze them. When they are obtained from other countries, the export activity takes place. In some cases, wild animals may be moved, but the government controls such activities. Similarly, Australia experience live animal exporting to the various foreign countries. This activity has been of great advantage to the Australian economy. This report aims to discuss the benefits associated live animal exportation in Australia.

Animals selected

This report uses livestock to explain the animal export industry.  Cows, sheep and goats are discussed in depth on their advantages, limitations and strategies developed towards this trade. Australia is said to be leading in animal and their welfare practices worldwide. They have a well-established agriculture, food and farming sector (Allen, 2011, p.27). Therefore, the country stand in a better position to enjoy the benefits attributable to this type of

Why livestock is selected

The report chose to discuss animal export in Australia since it is a broad industry that involves approximately a third of the rural residents’ population. Many participants invest, sell and trade the livestock to earn income.  The herd, for instance, cattle, have various breeds that create a large market for them to be exported. Adaptaur, Braford and the Brangus are exported for meat while the Friesian and Zebu are dairy cows (Liu, et al. 2010, p.698). Aussie down and the Australian White are breeds of sheep exported for mutton: END OF PREVIEW ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


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