Becoming High Achieving Professional Leader

Becoming High Achieving Professional Leader

Task Summary

In this task you are required to make a 10 minute presentation (with accompanying rationale) that identifies an educational project that aims to improve educational outcomes within your chosen context. You will assert yourself as the leader of this project and justify to the relevant stakeholders its value and benefit to the community it intends to serve, as well as identify any associated challenges.   Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Part of what makes someone a leader is their ability to advocate for a particular issue/innovation and get others to see the importance of their goals. It is for this reason that this assessment has been created. This is your chance to develop a presentation in which you can advocate for a particular educational project that you feel strongly about and would like to bring to the attention of those in the community that could support such a project.

The purpose of this assessment task is to enable you to bring together all that you have learnt about effective leadership qualities and identify the skills you possess that will support your project. The aim is that you will develop your leadership skills to:

  • communicate effectively to your intended audience
  • demonstrate your expertise by supporting your project with relevant research and evidence
  • align your educational philosophy to your project

Please note that at no stage in this assessment will you be required to implement this project. This assessment only requires that you create a presentation that showcases your intended project and demonstrates your ability as a leader to advocate for an educational cause.

You will also be required to write a 1000 word rationale to submit alongside your presentation.

Task Instructions

Your chosen project should address an issue/innovation which aligns with your educational philosophy, be relevant to your educational context and also enable you to demonstrate your abilities to lead a project. Examples of some types of projects (this is by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Advocating for the need of inclusive education
  • Adapting literacy program to involve a specific targeted intervention
  • The need for peer to peer coaching for continued teaching improvements
  • Establishing a wellbeing program for staff
  • Actively engaging with student voice

You are required to create a presentation (of approximately 10 minutes) that can be showcased to key stakeholders within your educational context. For the purposes of grading this assessment you will present your presentation to your lecturer and peers. However it is crucial to develop this presentation with your key stakeholders in mind. This presentation will need to cover the following information:

  • Articulate your educational philosophy and mission goals you aim to achieve within this project
  • Provide evidence as to why this particular project is of significant importance to improving educational outcomes or improving professional practice
  • Identify steps needed to establish the project
  • Justify why you are the ideal leader to lead this project
  • Identify factors that could impact on the project and steps you could put in place to address any possible challenges

When creating your presentation it is important to consider the overall presentation as this is essential to showcasing your abilities to communicate effectively as a leader. Consider the appropriate presentation tool (e.g. Powerpoint, Presi, Powtoon, Canva, Adobe Spark) and ensure you put thought into the flow of ideas, engaging audience interest and clear information. Further to this, you will submit a separate 1000 word rationale that covers:

  • A justification of your chosen project, drawing on relevant literature
  • Identifies your intended audience (i.e who are the stakeholders you will present to and why are they crucial to this project)
  • Demonstrates how it aligns with your educational philosophy

Your presentation and rationale will be assessed on the following areas (please refer to rubric for more details):

  • Content and line of reasoning
  • Evaluation of your chosen educational area
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Evidence from relevant research –   Justification of the project
  • Correct citation of key resources


It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here http://library.laureate.net.au/research_skills/referencing

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