BCG’s Yves Morieux view on Organization Design

 BCG’s Yves Morieux view on Organization Design

According to Fan, et al. (2013. P.1234) organizational structure involves how activities such as supervising, coordinating, directing, and work allocation are performed to assist the organization to arrive at its objectives. On the other hand, strategies refer to the sum of plans the firm is intending to undertake so as to achieve its goals. Morieux says that the organizational structure follows its strategies which are true in most cases. Not only does structure refer to the above-listed activities, but it also work positions, employees, procedures and culture of the organization. For the firm to achieve its set plans, which in this case we refer them as strategies, the organizational structure will be directed towards the guidelines and procedures explained in the policies: PLAGIARIZED SAMPLEORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

An example to support the statement can be illustrated in a sales and marketing firm which aims at improving its sales in the subsequent month. This will be a short term strategy which will make every person working in that organization to adopt the initiative and work towards achieving it. The structure will have to follow plans. PLAGIARIZED SAMPLEORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


Fan, J.P., Wong, T.J. and Zhang, T., 2013. Institutions and organizational structure: The case of state-owned corporate pyramids. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 29(6), pp.1217-1252.

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