Bachelor of Nursing: Debate Topics

Bachelor of Nursing: Debate Topics

Assignment details: In Week 1, students will be randomly assigned to a group and topic in their allocated tutorial.  Students are required to present a debate articulating both affirmative and negative perspectives related to the assigned topic.  Students are encouraged to meet on a regular basis to develop and share content to avoid repetition. Evidence of teamwork must be provided to the tutor on the day of the debate. Further information pertaining to this assessment task can be found in the assessment block on LEO

Debate topics 2020 Semester 1

  1. In the interests of economic sustainability, non-essential surgery should be removed from Medicare.
  2. Advance care directives should be mandated for residents in residential aged care facilities.
  3. All citizens have the moral obligation to participate in health care/medical research.
  4. A health care professional (HCP) experiencing violence from a patient has the right to refuse treatment provision.

 Learning outcomes assessed:    1 & 2

How to submit:                                Debate scripts to be submitted electronically via

‘Turnitin’ Please see campus specific instructions. Late submission will attract a penalty as per ACU assessment policy. Submit script as MS Word document in your campus specific Turnitin drop box. Please ensure the following: Use a filename that starts with your last name, student number, then the debate topic number, speaker number and side of debate (for example, Smith_S00123456_Topic1_First_Affirmative)

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