BA1520: Markets and Consumption

BA1520: Markets and Consumption

Markets and Consumption (part of BA1520: Markets and Consumption, Interpreting Management)

Assessment for the Markets and Consumption part of BA1520The Markets and Consumption part of BA1520 is assessed by a single piece of coursework, an individual essay of 2,000 words (with a weighting of 40%). The individual essay assessment, ‘analysis of marketing event’ is based on the analysis of a marketing event that has occurred during the previous twelve (12) months.

Analysis of Marketing Event is based on SELECTION, DESCRIPTION, AND ANALYSIS.


Selecting a marketing event that has occurred during the last twelve (12) months is a starting requirement.

A wide range of sources can be accepted for the selection of the marketing event such as newspapers, business periodicals (like Bloomberg Businessweek, the Economist, Forbes, or Fortune), advertisements (television, radio, print, or online), promotional campaigns (including online), or even articles in academic journals.

In addition, it is permissible to draw on your experience, such as a purchase you made or a promotion you received via social media. Examples of marketing success or failure are equally acceptable.


Describe the marketing event you have selected near the outset. But summarize the key facets of your selection with purpose. One or two paragraphs at the outset should suffice. Too much description will detract attention from analysis.


Analysis can be defined as ‘detailed examination of the elements or structure of something’. In the case of the Assignment the ‘something’ is the marketing event in 2018 you have selected.

To support analysis think about your marketing event selection with the following prompt questions in mind:

  • Why is your selection relevant to marketing? For example, why is it being reported (in the news) or conducted (as a campaign)?
  • What marketing topics or issues are raised? If there are multiple topics or issues you may want to decide which ones – say two or three – to address.
  • Who are the key players or actors relevant to the selected marketing event 2018? (Players or actors in management can refer to individuals and/or organizations.) What roles do they play (or perform)?

These prompt questions should help you to collect information in advance of writing a first draft. Creating a title should help you to organize your thoughts. Visual material can be instructive – screenshot, copy of an advert (if you have selected an advert), headline, etc. – but be judicious. Visual material is excluded from the word countAs the individual essay assessment is at the outset of your academic studies, it is useful to review the assessment criteria. Bear in mind ‘intellectual quality expressed’, ‘structure and organization’, and ‘writing style’, which represent three of the assessment criteria, as essential to essay writing. Analysis is important as part of your overall response. Analysis is informed or supported by references to marketing literature. Stronger responses will be marked by ‘academic practice’ (namely level of reading and quality of referencing) which represents the fourth assessment criteria.

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