Axioms of Supply Chain Optimisation

Axioms of Supply Chain Optimisation

You are expected to undertake your research through academic journal articles and some books to answer the following parts A and B of assignment 2 in relation to the relative required aspects.

Part A        (25 marks)Critically review the axioms of supply chain optimisation considering the push, pull and push-pull applications in organisations.

You are required to show how an organisation can streamline supply and demand considering the change in focus from mass production to mass customisation.

Discuss situation of an organisation has a very slow reaction to changes in customer demand. In addition, they have excessive levels of inventory, a high customer complaint rate and poor delivery performance. Executive Management has been advised to move from a Push to a Pull environment. What characteristics of a Pull environment should improve the situation? (800 words)

 Part B        (25 marks)Critically analyse the research and implementation gap in relation to the lean tools interaction with supply chain management in the service and manufacturing SMEs.

Show the benefits which an organisation could achieve through supply chain optimisation with an objective of delivering value to customers.

Make use of the diagrams and tables to show the improvements in inventory reductions, cash-to-cash cycle time, on time in full, order fulfilment, lead time reduction and profitability.  (800 words)

 You are encouraged to use visual aids (e.g. graphs, figures, tables) in your assignment.

 You are expected to cite minimum 10 journal articles for these two questions of this task.

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