Automation of Businesses using Computers

Automation of Businesses using Computers

Computers are increasingly becoming an indispensable component of the business operations. Many businesses have adopted the use of computers in the execution of various tasks ranging from some basic arithmetic calculations to complex tasks such as analyzing and making sense of data gathered. Any business that stands its ground on the continued disregard of the use of computers in its operations risks being driven out of business. The paper discusses the reasons as to why businesses should automate as much as possible using computers in order to remain competitive in the business arena. THIS IS A SAMPLE ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

First, the use of computers leads to the reduction in the costs associated with the running of a business (Porter 90).  This is due to the fact that computers simplify work and as thus, some of the workers are relieved of their duties. The business thus saves on labor costs. In addition, it reduces the costs associated with a lot of paperwork in an office setting. Due to the reduction in the costs of operations, the business organization can be in a position to sell its products at prices that are lower than those charged by a business that is not computer automated.

Secondly, the use of computers in businesses leads to more efficiency. In particular, the automation of various business processes leads to less accounting errors. Given that human errors of commission or omission are very costly, the automation of the business processes enables an organization to save a lot of money (Brynjolfsson and Lorin 25).

Lastly, the automation of the business processes leads to more productivity within an organization. Consequently, the business organization is able to produce more goods within a short time. Moreover, since most of the processes are automated, this means that it is only a few workers that are needed to oversee such processes. Goods produced through automated processes are also likely to be of higher quality than those produced manually. All these benefits associated with automation of the business processes using computers make a business to have a competitive edge over business rivals.

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