Autobiographies in Historical Studies

Autobiographies in Historical Studies

“Coming of Age in Mississippi”

Part I, “Childhood,”pp.1-124
B. Part III, “College,” pp.235-282
C. Part IV, “The Movement,” pp.283-42

a. After completing the section readings ahead of section, write a 1-1½ page (300-500 word) report in which you pose three discussion questions about at least three of the assigned readings, and then “answer” one.

Advice on questions: try to make them the kinds of questions that are not yes/no, or that can be answered very briefly. Instead, they should ask for opinion, perspective, or otherwise be thought-provoking and generative

b. Write 300 words on why you think autobiographies are useful (or not) when studying history. What do they contribute to our understanding of the past? What might they be missing?

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