Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics

Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics

Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics: Intech Corporation Case Study

Upon analyzing this case study, it is evident that Alex is in a dilemma. As much as he is trying to ensure the objectives of Initech Corporation are achieved there seem to be obstacles derailing how employees execute their tasks. To deal with this situation, Alex needs to arrive at a conclusive decision by adhering to the values from Australia Computer Society (ACS) Code of Ethics that governs professional conduct at the workplace. Besides, Alex will be required to put into consideration some of the clauses highlighted in the ACS Code of Ethics. This will be achieved by determining the consequences, evaluating the actions and then finally making the decision. This paper illustrates the cores values and clauses that Alex should adopt to as indicated in the ACS Codes of Ethics of Professional Conduct.Core values and clauses applicable to this study.

Professional Development:

Professional development demands that the ICT expert be in line with standards and practices and new technologies relevant to the professional work (Australian Computer Society, 2016). Therefore, this value will require Alex to observe the following clauses;

  • Ensure his or her professional development as well those of the employees and other colleagues.
  • Support professional development in ICT, training, and education that enhances different demands of the individual professionals as they pursue their career goals.
  • Continue to upgrade professional knowledge and skills. Alex can achieve this by undertaking Initech Corporation ICT experts through training.
  • Motivate company employees to develop themselves professionally.
  • Highlight the issues affecting the company ICT experts and how they can hamper the operations of the company.

Information Technology Profession:

This value holds that an IT professional should promote the integrity of the information technology information (Leicester, 2016). This should go hand in hand with respect of each professional member of ACS. Therefore, Alex should ensure as he focuses on ensuring the roadblocks of achieving the company objectives are removed, integrity of information technology is upheld. This value should be supplemented by honesty whereby the professionals are required to honestly represent their knowledge, skills, services and products (Lee, 2011). The considerations that Alex should focus are the following;

  • Being calm and objective when undertaking the professional work.
  • Take appropriate and legal actions against the members who violates the professional code of ethics.
  • Focus on reducing diversity in the workplace to improve the working conditions of all the company employees.
  • Cooperate with other company ICT experts to ensure the objectives of the company are achieved.
  • Appreciate other ICT experts work.
  • Always give professional advice to the top management.


Competency value needs professionals to work diligently and competently to satisfy all the stakeholders (Commonwealth of Australia, 2008). In respect to this value Alex will be required to;

  • Provide services and products that meet the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Be aware of the relevant legislation and standards that govern ICT professionals.
  • Offer advice to the stakeholders (employer) if he believes that the proposed project or idea does not work for the best of the company.
  • With the observance of respect, seek when and where necessary professional expertise from other ICT professional in their areas of specialization.
  • Accept professional responsibility.
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