Auckland Airport Portfolio Management

Auckland Airport Portfolio Management


Answer three questions based on the course work so far

‘Fewer things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of good example’ Mark Twain

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens, 1835 – 1910) was in part correct when he wrote this. Good examples appear in a variety of guises each suitable for different circumstances. Here you are provided with three question to answer, which is the circumstance. The good example is the guise within which a good answer to each question is hidden. I am looking forward to being annoyed! Questions

1. Auckland Airport has decided to advance its expansion programme the result of which is to require phases 03 and 04 to be completed within 12 years, and therefore at the same time as phases 01 and 02. Modify your current proposal by means of an Addendum to incorporate the two additional phases and list some of the principle risks inherent in this proposal. Limit your Addendum to about 250 words and include explanatory drawings as you think appropriate.   [3 Marks]

2. The proposal for providing a light rail link between the City Centre and Auckland Airport will require a suite of Business Cases to justify or otherwise such a programme.

You are required to draft a proposal for undertaking the preparation of these Business

Cases. Summarise how you would set about preparing the Strategic, Outline and Final Business Cases, what they would contain, and the method of risk appraisal you would adopt. Your proposal should be limited to about 600 words and include explanatory drawings which illustrate what you are proposing.  [7 Marks]

3. The Auckland ferry company, Fullers 365, has a vision for expanding its range and carrying capacity in the Hauraki Gulf from 6,000,000 passengers a year to 8,000,000 by 2024. This will include increasing the current fleet from the existing 21. Write a proposal describing how this expansion could be managed using a Strategic Portfolio or Programme methodology, indicate some of the critical success factors, and how you would manage options appraisals for ferry purchase and refitting, and terminal

up grades.  Your proposal should be limited to about 500 words and include drawings as you think appropriated.  [5 Marks]Your proposals can be as wide ranging as you choose but the important thing is to concentrate on the essentials. These questions require a strategic approach. 

 Attach Cover Sheet at the start of the Assignments.

 Answer each question on a new (separate page) page. This will make your assignment approximately 3 page long excluding References, Table of contents & Coversheet.

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