Arguments by Jason Brennan in Against Democracy


Most of the people living in the 21st century and also the past centuries subscribe to the supposition that democracy is the highest form of government. They have a strong belief that it is a just form of ruling in which all people possess equal rights and share in political supremacy. Ideally, many human beings are preprogrammed to believe that political participation by voting is a privilege. To them, this opportunity strengthens us, gives us exactly what we want, helps us to grow in to morally upright, virtuous beings and more compassionate to fellow humans. These are just a few of the many cherished benefits attached to democracy. However, Jason Brennan hardly sees the goodness in democracy and dismisses all the above-mentioned ideas as wrong and misinformed. In his book, Against Democracy Brennan displays his disrespect for democracy vehemently as if it were an ugly pig. This paper will critically examine five of his major arguments. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW 


In his first chapter, Brennan argues that democracy corrupts us rather than ennobling us (Brennan 1). ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW 


Brennan is right. Ideally, before adopting a specific form of government, the state should consider the goodness inherent in the form. It is equally important to examine the effects it is likely to have on the citizen‚Äôs moral and intellectual values. Brennan presents two disputing ideas of both Mill and Schumpeter. Mill believed that political engagement through democracy would sharpen people‚Äôs perspective to be able to relinquish their immediate viewpoints and focus on long-term interests¬†(Brennan 2). Schumpeter who Brennan sides with views democracy as a tool that perfectly works to destroy a citizen’s mental performance turning them into primitive creatures¬†(Brennan 2). Thus, democracy neither ennobles us nor educates us. This is well explained by the upside decline of democracy. For instance, the voting rates of the US citizens have declined from 80 percent in the late 1800s to percent¬†(Brennan 3). People are gradually losing the interest they used to have in democracy. This has given rise to hobbits (people with no interest in politics), hooligans (political fans), Vulcans (rational thinkers in politics)¬†(Brennan 4-5). As a matter of fact, only the hooligans will turn up in great numbers to exercise their democratic right of voting. This features democracy as a share of only cheerleaders in the society. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW¬†


            Brennan is wrong. The fact that we are all entitled to similar political rights is ennobling itself. It gives us a freedom of choice. The fact that our political rights are similar implies that none of us is superior to the other. Everyone’s decision matters despite their social, political economic and religious affiliations. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW or

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