Argument for Donald Trump’s Border Wall

Donald Trump’s Border Wall

Donald Trump promised that he would construct a wall along the USA-Mexican border upon being elected to office as a president during his campaign. The controversial remark elicited mixed reactions with some segments of the population throwing their weight behind him on this matter. On the other hand, some voters termed the move as not only irrational but virtually impossible. There was an international outrage and backlash against the construction of the wall. The paper seeks to show  that the “ Trump’s Border Wall” is a perfect idea whose idea has come as it would result in reduction of illegal immigration, put to an end the thriving business of drugs smuggling and most importantly bring back the jobs of Americans that had been lost to the illegal immigrants. This is a Student Sample ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

The number of illegal immigrants from Mexico has been on the rise. In spite of the security forces keeping vigil across the US-Mexican border, the illegal immigrants continue to find their way into the American societies through the use of the vast and porous borders (Hanson & Spilimbergo 1340). Despite investment in technology that has been used in keeping off illegal immigrants, the Mexican border continues to be a conduit through which many foreigners find their way into the American society. Given the above frustrations, it is only fair that the US government constructs a physical wall that will act as deterrence to further illegal immigration. In particular, the features of the wall will make it impossible for illegal immigrants from Mexico to get entry to the US without being cleared by the immigration department. Moreover, the construction of such a wall will lead to the dismantling of human smuggling rings that collude with the security officers manning the porous borders. In absence of a wall, the trickling of a steady flow of illegal immigrants will thus go on unabated. This is a Student Sample ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

The US citizens have been losing their jobs to illegal immigrants at an unprecedented rate. This emanates from the fact that such immigrants are so desperate that they are willing to work for low wages and under unfavorable working conditions (Batiz 94). On the contrary, the American citizens have a threshold of working conditions and minimum pay. They cannot thus work in unfavorable and slavery-like conditions. As thus, the unpatriotic business people prefer to solicit for the labor of such immigrants as the low wages leads to reaping of high profits. Moreover, they are able to keep operation costs resulting from paying of wages to the basic minimum. The acceptance of meager wages by the illegal immigrants also emanates from the economic disparities between that of US and those of the immigrants’ countries of origin. In many nations of origins of such immigrants, there are high rates of unemployment. As thus they are willing to work on any job that they can find, the payment not being withstanding. Some have confessed that they just want to work in order to obtain money for basic sustenance. Given that unemployment in these countries is unlikely to end soon, the job security of the American citizens is at stake. It is only through the construction of a border wall on the US-Mexican border that will seal off the boundaries of US from interference by the immigrants. With the illegal immigrants marooned on the other side of the wall, Americans will be in a position to obtain jobs once again.

Lastly, it is unfortunate that the porous US-Mexican border has acted as a conduit of smuggling illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroine to the American population (Astorga & Shirk 4). The lucrative drug trade has made the drug cartels to collude with the American security forces. As thus, they are allowed to enter the country after parting with some bribes. It is therefore apparent that any fight on the drug smuggling business that have the humans at the epicenter is bound to fail due to the high financial rewards obtained by those willing to cooperate with the drug gangs. Consequently, the only way to keep the illegal drugs out of America is through the construction of a gigantic wall stretching across thousands of kilometers. Given the height and the security features of the proposed wall, it will be impossible for the drug smugglers to scale .Moreover, the construction of the wall will keep of vile elements of the Mexican society from gaining entry into the American soil. In particular, criminals such as robbers and rapists will not be in a position to crisscross the US-Mexican border while fleeing from the security forces or in instance where they want to commit such crimes on the US soil. This is a Student Sample ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

It is apparent that there exists a security and sovereignty breach along the US-Mexican border. As thus, there is an urgent need to create a physical barrier to deter unauthorized persons from gaining entry into the US. Donald Trump’s idea of building a physical barrier in form of the border wall is therefore seen as the most convenient way of achieving the above end. With the US-Mexican border secured using a border wall, the US is set to reap many benefits. These include but not limited to a reduction in the number of illegal immigrants, reduction in the rates of drugs smuggling and an increase in the number of jobs available for the American citizens.

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