APRN Course Reflection Essay

APRN Course Reflection Essay

The course was an exciting and insightful experience as I gained adequate knowledge and experience in the provision of primary, specialty, and acute care through the lifespan by assessing, diagnosing, and treating injuries and illnesses. Also, I gained ample knowledge of the provision of ongoing patient management as well as the provision of support and expertise to nurses who care for the patients. I am a firm believer in lifelong education that will span through my nursing career. The course was a critical phase as it offered a platform to the continuous gathering of information aimed at keeping abreast of the various changes in nursing practice, rapid transformations, as well as fulfilling the scope of practice and health care standards. The goal is to utilize this knowledge in driving practice changes, ensuring the use of best health practices as well as evidence-based health care for the achievement of the best possible outcomes for all patients.Order Now from Course ResearchersHealthcare is a complex field, and health practices are continually evolving. The course provided critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills required to resolve various issues encountered when taking care of the patients in the complex environment. One thing that stood out in the course was the weekly SOAP note exercises. The information is applicable in the modern health setting where the majority of the patients and their families demand exceptional health care as they expect their nurses to have more information about their diagnoses, medical procedures treatment, and varied education options. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, we did not go for scheduled clinicals, which could be addressed in the next course. Over time, I have learnt that clinicals are vital as they increase the awareness of safety for patients, enhance professional attitudes, higher respect for comfort and confidentiality, development of empathy, and use of medical equipment.

One of the critical aspects of the course was staying up to date on the novel techniques, clinical guidelines, policies and processes. This will have a positive impact on my delivery of quality healthcare now and in the future.  I am in a better position to build robust collaborative relationships with my coworkers and patients, enhance patient outcomes, reduce mortality rates, and minimize errors in practice. I have amassed many years of clinical experience and expertise as an ICU nurse. In the future, I want to delve deeper and work with a specialist team in Cardiology. Specifically, as a cardiology nurse practitioner, I want to engage in examining cardiovascular patients, ordering tests, making assessments, educating patients on therapeutic options, and monitoring the heart condition of patients with pacemakers and other ICDs.


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