Application of Terms Scope and Ethics

Application of Terms Scope and Ethics

Assignment #2: Application of Terms, Scope and Ethics Assignment description: 

As we have noted in some of the previous discussions, ethical concerns and adherence to rules and regulations are a central part of the practice of RISIAs. It is relatively easy to read the different codes of ethics and regulations that provide the framework to a RISIA regarding their scope of practice and work as an advisor. It becomes more complicated, however, as we engage in our day-to-day practice and interactions with students in relation to immigration matters.

During your work as a RISIA, there will be many situations where you will have to use your discretion and your knowledge of the RISIA Code of Ethics and Registration Regulations, along with your institution’s own policies and ethical standards, to ensure you provide the best level of service possible to your students and that you are doing it within what is permitted.

For this assignment, you need to provide answers to the four prompts below in the form of a scenario. You should create a different scenario for each prompt. The scenarios you make up should be plausible and involve potential conflicts or possible breaches of rules and regulations that govern our work as a RISIA. Guidelines are listed below for what you need to  include in each scenario. You can use real-life situations you have encountered, but they can also be hypothetical. In either case, please do not use any identifying information.  The aim of this exercise is to focus on your critical thinking and how you apply the Code of Ethics, applicable terms and RISIA scope in your own practice. Four Prompts: :

  1. Identify a scenario where you may be in contravention of the RISIA Code of Ethics regarding student confidentiality or breach of trust.
  2. Identify a scenario where you may find yourself to be in a Conflict of Interest.
  3. Identify a scenario where you might be pressured to provide immigration advice outside your Scope of Practice.
  4. Identify a scenario where a student may have received conflicting information from friends, other areas of your institution or the IRCC call centre.

 Scenario Guidelines:

  • Provide a brief overview of your scenario, and how it addresses the prompt provided
  • Provide a rationale/the steps you would take to address/respond to the scenario
  • Provide justification for the steps taken
  • Properly reference the applicable documents which impact how you respond to the scenario

As a reminder, it is important that you cite your sources, such as relevant sections of the RISIA Code of Ethics, RISIA Registration Regulations, IRPA, IRPR, Institutional policies, etc.,

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