Application of Consumer Behaviour

Application of Consumer Behaviour

Assessment Overview:

Individual Task |  Word limit: 2500 words (+/- 10%)  | Weight: 40% Analysis

The assignment requires you to showcase skills and knowledge you have gathered from this course in developing a report on¬†Consumer Behaviour applied to an¬†industry of your choice. This assignment aims to achieve learning objectives 1-4 of the unit and develop and demonstrate some of the generic skills listed in the unit outline.You are asked to provide a report on the¬†‚ÄėApplication of Consumer Behaviour : A Guide for Marketers in the ___________ Industry. You should choose an industry of interest to you and develop your report using material relevant to multiple topics from the unit.¬† The focus of your report should be on concepts and theories from the unit and how they can be applied to a specific industry. The application for marketers could be including, but not limited to: strategy, research, product development, communication/promotion, customer journeys, decision making, attitudes and attitude change, segmented approaches, or a range of other areas from the unit. A key outcome of the essay is to demonstrate how you would apply what you have learnt from this course while also acknowledging and leveraging the unique context or aspects of the chosen industry.

General Format: (sample table of contents of your report)

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction (including definitions of consumer behaviour and an overview of the topics and structure of the report)
  3. Analysis of your chosen industry, including key brands and products, any key industry trends and an analysis and presentation of unique aspects relevant to your chosen industry
  4. Detailed application of consumer behaviour theories and concepts, with a focus on how marketers can learn or apply aspects of consumer behaviour
  5. Recommendations | Conclusion
  6. Appendices

Other requirements:

  • Use 11pt Times New Roman font. Left, right, top and bottom margins should be one inch (2.54 cm). Line spacing 1.5.

Refer Summers J, & Smith B. (2014). Report Writing Communication Skills Handbook, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd. to find more details on report writing formats.

  1. The report, a cover sheet(Links to an external site), references and appendices to be assembled in one document and uploaded as an electronic copy to Canvas.
  2. Use Harvard referencing convention. Helpful information on referencing can be found at Harvard-quick-guide(Links to an external site)
  3. A minimum of 10 references (include at least 4 journal articles) to be used throughout your report.
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