Analysis of Still the One Song by Shania Twain

Analysis of Still the One Song by Shania Twain

Shania Twain shows how she is happy with her husband. This is well portrayed when she says that he is indeed the one ‘still the one’. Twain is satisfied with choosing him as his partner for life. In her words ‘looks like we made’ shows that they have gone through hell but still managed at the end of it all. It looks like they have encountered a lot of challenges to reach where they are. The dynamics in this song are well arranged as portrayed by how Shania starts the song in a low volume and continues to raise the voice as she goes on. It seems that there were some people who were against their love but they are still together. This is a true indication of true love and a powerful couple all together. In her statement, ‘still the one I kiss goodnight’, Shania shows that their love is not growing old. It is not becoming tired. This is a good description of how a relationship should be. Strengthening each other despite all odds, loving each other despite what other people may talk about. It is quite a layered dynamic. Still the one is a sweet melodious song with voice weaves that are so captivating. The melody is laid down in a very special and professional manner. Shania is very much aware of the things that can make them fall apart. She knows too well that no one wishes them well. In her statement,’ I am glad we did not listen’ is a true indication that there will always be haters along the way in a given relationship. It shows that in one way or the other, they were advised to separate since some saw as if the relationship would not survive. This shows how the outside world can influence or doom a relationship when one is not careful or convinced of what he or she wants.  A PREVIEW ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


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