American the Unequal or America the Beautiful

American the Unequal or America the Beautiful

The supremacy that America once held in the global status has gradually fallen in the past few years. America, though still a superpower, is no longer the leading light in the free world. Perhaps, the nation will save a lot since no country will be seeking her intervention. The past two to three years are possibly the worst as unemployment has rapidly increased. The working class is at the threat of leading more unbearable lives with the current tax hikes. So, where is America headed? There are numerous articles out there predicting the fate of America two decades from now. The economic superpower is either headed to the best or to the worst as per the published articles. Twenty years from now, America could fall to a Third World Country characterized by extreme inequalities, low industrial developments, political unrest and numerous populist movements. The global force also has a chance to rise above all the obstacles, reverse its predicted doom and restore the lost magnificence.

According to the current turn-out of events, the most probable direction of the nation will be a regression back to a developing country. Ideally, the social, political and economic injustices will dominate the nation. Inequality and populism are permanent states in the country and will require much efforts to be eradicated. Both phenomena are highly intertwined. An institution which fails to guarantee equality simply broods populism (Fein 86). As long as there are political, social and economic injustices, populist parties will continue multiplying. Deindustrialization will continue as a result of the tensions caused by populism.

The United States, although a democracy hardly fits to be called one. In my opinion, the country is almost becoming an oligarchy. Most of the political powers in the country are held at the top by the few lucky ‚Äėelites.’ The country stands to achieve little or nothing at all by allowing the prosperous though less educated individuals to make contributions in the educational sector. This perfectly acts in reducing the worth attached to education. Some people holding the leadership posts gained them simply because of being wealthy even without the minimal qualifications.

Majority of the Americans struggle to get at least a slice of the minimal powers left to them¬†(Black 32). This does not only apply to the distribution of political powers. The wealthy are growing wealthier and the poor poorer. The middle class is at the danger of being overthrown by the upper ruling class. The continued reliance of the working class on the ‚Äėtrickle down’ theory, privatization of government resources and ban of unions are the major reasons that can account for the current state of things in the economic superpower.

Ironic to America’s efforts to evade the ‚Äėwickedness’ of socialism “the take from the rich and give to the poor ideology” the country has resolved in to embracing fascism ‚Äúthe take from the poor and give it to the rich phenomenon¬†(Gamble 17).” This clearly implies that America is headed to a ‚ÄėHell on Earth.’ In the current status, it is Trump‚Äôs presidency that will decide the fate of socialism. Unfortunately, the president is not ready to take up the favored ideology. The upper-class denounces socialism on the grounds that it will make the country poorer.¬† This ought not to be the argument because the country is already headed to a crisis even with the super ideology. It makes no sense when a country that has been unable to sustain its citizens gives grants and loans that will hardly be paid back to the developing states.¬† The immigration rates are also alarming. The rate at which America hires foreign workforce is an undoing as there are numerous citizens who are either unemployed or underemployed.

Marx’s prediction that the proletariats would unite and overthrow the bourgeoisie was perhaps the most mistaken in history. The proletariat devoid of owing any means of production can only sell labor to the bourgeoisie. The employer thus takes advantage to perpetuate inequality by offering low wages. This is the only means through which a low income earning citizen can survive. How could the employees gang against the employer yet they do not have any other option? When this happens, the employees simply lose their jobs and other workers gladly replace them. We are living in a modern society whereby everyone is only considerate of their own interests (Darity 19). Most of the economic inequalities occur simply because the bourgeoisie have always had an unfair advantage over the proletariat.

The labor unions have grown too weak overtime such that reorganizing them will take decades (Fein 87). It will be similar to building them once again from scratch. Furthermore, the leaders and the owners of the means of production would never allow them to thrive. The capitalists have always found some divisive means to ensure that the workers never grow conscious of the inequities.In conclusion, America is not headed to anything better. Amidst the social, political and economic structures in place, the country will just lose her global pride. The 2016 election was a clear proof that the country is already experiencing a political crisis. The election was unmatched in how the citizens turned against one another. Many families and friends broke up broke up. This election hardly compares to any of the past elections. This way the country is growing more divisive, and it will take decades to heal it.

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