Administering Polygraph Results in Court

Administering Polygraph Results in Court

Even though the lie detectors are highly dependable on establishing the truth about the crimes, in some scenarios they are not applicable at all. The polygraph machine do not have the reliable and essential potential to detect the falsity or truth of the suspect’s statement (Math, 5). It is true that the lie detectors machines determines the person’s biological activities to ascertain whether someone is stressed out during interrogations. Additionally, biological process aspects such as increased heart rate and blood pressure may be determined. However, these may not be the signs that someone is lying. In fact, the machines may pinpoint that a person is being pressurized by the questioning even when he or she is saying the truth. Therefore, if even if a person passes the polygraph test, it is not an indication that results will be reliable for criminal trial.Drawbacks attorneys, defendants, and/or prosecutors have with eyewitness testimony

Despite that an eye witness can be a reliable resource of information in a criminal case, prosecutors, defendants and the attorneys fins the source characterized by certain drawbacks (Wise, Sartori and Magnussen 103). First, eye witness is prone to bias bearing in mind that he or she knows the defendant and there is animosity between the true he can use this opportunity to gain retribution on the defendant. Secondly, in case an eye witness have challenged vision he or she may end up providing false statement. Third, the eyewitness may be compromised by the challenge of identification. Fourth, the psychological nature of the eyewitness may hamper him or her from accurately identifying defendants of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Why choose these topics

Over years courts have been struggling in establishing the truth about the defendants. In addition, they have ended have relying on polygraphs and eyewitness before arriving at the judgement. However, the two sources stills seems unreliable because of the limitations associated with them.

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