Achieving Happiness Research Essay

Achieving Happiness Research Essay

Research Essay

The below guidelines must be followed to make a passing grade, but does not determine an A:blank• This essay will analyze ONE film, TV show (single episode or series), song or pierce of literature of your choosing to explain how to achieve happiness.
o The text CANNOT be a text that we have read or watch in the course before.
o It does not necessarily have to be a text that fits into the superhero genre.
o The Pursuit of Happyness is NOT ALLOWED!
• This essay must include a thesis statement that argues how the texts help answer the question you chose.
o For example: This Text shows how to achieve happiness by X, Y and Z.
o For example: This Text defines happiness with X, Y and Z.
• There needs to be a clear definition/criteria/philosophy of happiness that needs to be established before your analysis of the text.
o This should be no more than a paragraph and should be as explicit and concrete as possible.
• It must be in full MLA format.
• It must include Works Cited Page with at least three sources
o One must be the textbook, one must be the text you are analyzing
o The other can be any type of additional source
 These sources should preferably come from Galileo and can be something else we have read or watched for class, but not required to be
 Additional sources CANNOT be websites including Wikipedia, dictionaries, Sparknotes, or WebMD
 Review Sources PPT for these and all other prohibited sources
o You are free to use more sources so long as they are formatted correctly
 Do not overdo it!!!!
• It must use support, quotes and evidence with in-text citations from all required sources.
o Block Quotes are off limits
• It must be 3 full pages but no more than 5.
• It must not be in first person.
• It must adhere to basic essay structure.
o Be sure to pay attention to intros, body paragraphs, conclusions, transitions, grammar, mechanics and sentence structure.
• It must include a title.
o Research Paper or Happiness Paper or something of the like also will not work
o Be creative!blankThe content of the essay is up to you and is fair game as far as your argument.
You should however use the following questions to guide your research, but do not feel like you must answer all questions in this essay:

 What is happiness? What are the criteria for being happy? Are they the same thing?
 How do freedom, love, religion, myth, or morality factor in? Do they?
 How does happiness make us human?
 How do different cultures view happiness?
 What are the perks or benefits of happiness?
 What are the downfalls happiness?
 How has happiness pushed us as a society/civilization?

• Your grade will not only be influenced by the content of the essay but also on your clear understanding subject matter discussed in class in the weeks leading up to this assignment. The Thesis PPTs, Parts of Essay PPT, Essay Types PPT, Sources PPT, Quotes PPT and the MLA folder to assist wherever needed.

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