ACCT2005 Annual Report Analysis

ACCT2005 Annual Report Analysis 


Module 5 report aims to analyse the strategic performance and position of a company. The main resource for the report is the company’s latest annual report and website. Students can refer to other reliable sources. The APA style referencing is required.Each group of three students will receive a company. This company should be selected based on students’ discussion and be approved by the lecturer. Case companies from the textbook are excluded from selection.

Each student group will use the same company for all reports, including the presentation. For the major report, each group will receive the 2nd company in Week 10 for comparing with the 1st company. Detailed instructions for the major report are provided in the major report’s assessment brief.

Questions for analysis are provided on next page.


1. The following questions provide guidance for analysing your allocated company: Using Porter’s ‘five forces’ framework covered in Module 2, analyse five competitive forces faced by the company

2. Evaluate the company’s prospects for profitability and growth in the next five years. Identify the limitations of this analysis: What other factors do and could affect the company’s competitive environment?3. Discuss the company’s competitive strategy. Is it successful, and is it sustainable? Discuss the company’s corporate strategy. Apply the SWOT model (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

Recommend to the company’s executives: three key changes to its structure and/or operations.

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