ACCG1001 Accounting and Governance

ACCG1001 Accounting and Governance

Assignment Questions:

Amanda Ltd is a manufacturing company operating in Parramatta, Sydney. The company has been successful since its inception in the early 1990 and has even won twice the “Best Corporate Citizen Award” presented by the City of Parramatta Council. The company has recently been facing multiple problems including declining profit, loss of inventory (through theft or spoilage) in the warehouse, and declining reputation from its stakeholders.

Coincidently, all these problems started when the head of Accounting Department, Sofia Bryant, voluntarily retired from her position recently. Her retirement was provoked by a sarcastic comment made by the Sales Manager during board meeting, that “Amanda Ltd can cut down its cost by shutting down Accounting Department. Afterall we will even be better off without this department”.

You are required to conduct research (i.e. reviewing relevant academic and professional journals, and/or texts) and write a business report by addressing the questions below.   Note:

The total mark of this assignment is 50 (refer to detailed marking rubrics on page 3), then your marks will be converted to 20% towards your overall assessment.

 Part A 

1. Evaluate the statement, “Accounting is the Language of Business”.

2. Discuss how Accounting and Governance helped Amanda Ltd in winning the Best Corporate Citizen Award.

Part B

1. Why some firms might prefer a perpetual inventory system to a period inventory system?

2. Explain how using perpetual inventory system could help Amanda Ltd to minimise the loss of inventory.

3. How would the application of the principle of segregation of duties could prevent the loss of inventory at Amanda LTD?

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