The main cause of the Civil War in America was the desire by the abolitionists to establish their political equality in the American society. The abolitionists claimed that the America society was no longer able to deal with the “slave power”. Those who advocated for the white supremacist argued that the slaves were not equal to the white Americans and therefore they were justified to continue practicing slavery holding. It is out of this slavery and lack of equality whereby abolitionists applied more militant attacks leading to the emergence of the Civil War.

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Additionally, the slaveholders argued that freeing of slaves will have significant impacts in the North. There was a lot fear in the North that freeing the slaves will be give them an opportunity live side by side with their previous enslavers. For example, Abraham Lincoln urged that African-Americans could never live side by side with their former owners and other whites (Shaffer, 2012). This explains why Abraham pushed for emigration of the slaves. On the debate of abolition and equality, the slaves appeared to have won. Their plea to have the freedom was granted even though, through a civil war. However, the civil war consequences that were attributed the abolitionists win cannot be ignored.

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