7115IBA Managing Complex Projects

7115IBA Managing Complex Projects

This assignment requires the application of conceptual tools and theories selected and explained in A1 to critically analyze your PfL. You will need to develop an integrated understanding of the multiple dimensions of the project, in order to explain the ‘how’s/whys’ of the project’s outcomes. Informed personal reflection (based on the application of conceptual tools and theory) on project management processes, surrounded by specific situations and leading to specific outcomes, constitutes the core of this assignment. A minimum of 5 academic references must be used to substantiate your arguments. Thus, this assignment was designed to get you thinking critically about how concepts/theories for managing complex projects are applied in diverse context-situations. It was also designed to develop your generic skills in writing and presenting logical and persuasive arguments. To develop this major report, you have to go through four major components:Component 1Introduction, you must briefly describe your Pf L, explaining the main issues of you PfL; and describe what you will present in the following sections. Please enclose a copy of your (up to) 4-page summary of PfL in the Appendix.

Component 2:   Is an analysis of the type of project complexity associated to your PfL.

Based on your selected models from Theme 1 (Step 3 in A1), you need to apply and explain how the model(s) you have selected helps to explain how the type of complexity associated to your PfL affected the development of the project. You do not need to describe the selected model(s).

Component 3Is the application of theories/concepts (selected from themes 2-4 and explained in Step 4 in A1), to perform an overall analysis of your PfL. Here you need describe links between theories and practice, explain (compare and contrast) ideas and apply them to your PfL raising practical implications.

Component 4:  Is conclusions. By integrating arguments developed in components 2 and 3, students must provide an overall critical analysis of your PfL. Additionally, in this section you must reflect about the strengths and limitations of tools and concepts used and their connections with the competing contingencies that shaped your PfL.Specifications and Format

  • This is a 2000-word report (excluding references, appendix & cover page).
  • Use Times New Roman, font 12, single space.
  • References: use either Harvard or APA style.
  • Pages must be numbered (top right).
  • Cover page: Indicate only Full name; Student ID number; title of PfL; total number of words (excluding references, appendix & cover page).
  • Do not use Griffith University official cover page.
  • Executive Summary is not
  • Table of Contents is not

Additional remarks

  • This assessment is not about simple ‘application’ of models. It is about explanations on how/why your PfL was a failure or a success. The quality of your explanations is the most important aspect of this assignment.
  • Your explanations need to be based on the combination of the (a) review of the literature, (b) application of concepts and models for managing complex projects and (c) the specific circumstances of your PfL.
  • It is not necessary to provide ‘recommendations’ regarding what should be done in the project,
  • Failing to comply with format and/or submission procedures involves an extra penalty of 10 % of marks.

Remarks about references

  • Academic Journals presented in the ‘List of Readings’ section, are high quality academic journals. Use them.
  • Do not use ‘technical oriented’ references (e.g. from chemistry, biology or environmental areas) for this assessment. The focus of your references must be the theoretical concepts you are applying. Do not use references that focus on your PfL (e.g. Denver Airport, etc.).
  • Use of textbook need to be kept at minimum (20 % max).
  • Avoid building your main arguments based on references from one or two Journals only.
  • The requirement of 5 references includes academic Journals (80%) and textbooks (20%).  You can use other sources, but they will not count as one of the 5 academic references.


Whenever necessary, the course convenor may ask students for an oral presentation for additional explanations about A1 or A2. Failure to provide a required oral presentation, involves failure in this assessment item.

Students who use an English editor must disclose name and contact number in the cover page.

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